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Learner and Teacher Agency

Agency  (A) may be simply defined as the power to act. For all learners, teachers and students, agency means that they are actively involved in their learning. As represented in the diagram below, agency may be composed of four central elements: self-efficacy, self-management, self-assessment and self-actualisation.  In a myriad of ways, these impact and interact with each other according to the individual learner. All can be developed and applied.



Self-efficacy is defined by Bandura (1995) as “people’s judgements of their capabilities to organise and execute courses of action required to attain designated types of performance.” In other words, self-efficacy is your self-belief that you can plan and successfully complete a given task. Janet believes that the most effective learning takes place when learners and teachers develop a stable and accurate sense of personal efficacy (Bandura 1995).


Self-management. Self Marzano (2012) suggests that

the conative skills of understanding and controlling oneself and understanding and interacting with others


are skills that students need to succeed interpersonally in the 21st century. The General Capability of Personal and Social Worth Personal and Social Capability in the Australian Curriculum is also based on this premise.

Self-assessment. The ability of the individual to use critical, creative and reflective thinking to self-assess is a crucial metacognitive factor in learning effectively. To decide what has been done well and to identify areas for development and growth allows individuals to become life-long learners and thinkers.

Self-actualisation may be viewed as an on-going process through which we grow to be the best that we can be for society and ourselves.

Janet’s Learner and Teacher Agency provides a multitude of free resources designed to assist teachers and learners in their quest for agency. Schools and teachers will also be able to access personalised professional learning, led by Janet.


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Janet Farrall is an exceptional educator whose four decades of experience have ranged from the classroom to leadership, project management and consultancy. She specialises in thinking and learning, dispositions for learning and differentiation for all learners, including the highly able.


Janet’s mission is to assist teachers and students develop personal efficacy in order to be the best that they can be for society and for themselves.


Take a minute to browse through her Free Resources, for example, the Reflective Thinking Curriculum, the Progressions, the Mathematics Enrichment lessons or Questivities.™


Janet is available for consultation, workshops, presentations, and tailored solutions to meet your professional learning needs. 

Dara School invites you to attend Science of Learning 2022.


This evidence-informed professional learning course for educators, F- 12, is based upon a variety of models developed through research into the Science of Learning, for example, Rosenshine (2012), Learning Scientists (2015), PowerfulTeaching (2021) and PENS: Psychology, Education, Neuroscience (2021). 


Strategies for increasing learning outcomes for the diverse range of students we encounter R-12 will address the application of cognitive science to learning in our classrooms.

There were no workshops during Term 1, because of the uncertainty surrounding Covid in our schools.

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