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RESOURCE SETS & study guides

Janet has collected sets of resources over the years and these are grouped here according to topic. If you know of a resource that teachers will love, please email Janet so it can be shared here.

Differentiation by Design

Habits of Mind

Hexagonal Thinking


Junior Primary



Questioning Skills and Strategies

Reflective Thinking

Remote Learning

Science of Learning


SOLO Taxonomy


Thinking and Learning

Understanding by Design

Visible Thinking Routines


Study Guides: Differentiation by Design Tools & Strategies 2021

Workshop 1: Cognitive verbs and progressions

Workshop 2: Higher order questions

Workshop 3: Visible Thinking Routines

Workshop 4: Thinking models

Workshop 5: Depth and Complexity Icons

Workshop 6: SOLO_Tiering

Workshop 7: Philosophy

Workshop 8: Co-cognitive factors in effective learning.

If you would like to access the 2021 Study Guides, please email Janet.

Study Guides: Differentiation by Design 2020


Workshop 1: Understanding Tomlinson-Jarvis model of differentiation

Workshop 2: Student profiles and interests

Workshop 3: Readiness

Workshop 4: Content

Workshop 5: Process - Cognitive Verbs

Workshop 6: Assessment and task design

Workshop 7: Product

Workshop 8: Learning environment and related affective factors



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