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Many of the resources provided below have been contributed by teachers who have attended workshops on the General Capability of Critical and Creative Thinking held at the Association of Independent Schools 2013-2017. They are thanked for their generosity.

The resources may be used freely, but with acknowledgment. If you cannot find what you are looking for below, please email Janet and put Free Resources in the subject heading.


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Cognitive RigoUr Questions



Blooms Taxonomy


cognitive verbs & ASSESSMENT LADDERS

Cognitive Verbs

Teaching academic vocabulary explicitly and then applying the vocabulary in the classroom to improve student outcomes has a solid research base. (Bellanca 2012, Marzano 2013).   I Can cognitive verb progressions can assist teachers and students to develop their knowledge and understanding of assessment tasks based on the Achievement Standards of the Australian Curriculum.

Cognitive Verb Progression: Identify

Cognitive Verb Progression: Describe

Cognitive Verb Progression: Explain

Cognitive Verb Progression: Apply

Cognitive Verb Progression: Infer

Cognitive Verb Progression: Analyse

Cognitive Verb Progression: Analogise

Cognitive Verb Progression: Evaluate

Cognitive Verb Progression: Create

Cognitive Verb Progression: Generalise

Cognitive Verb Progression: Synthesise

Cognitive Verbs: Sequential Instructional Strategies

Assessment Ladders

Assessment Ladders, based on a particular cognitive verb,  show what the verb looks like at different levels A-E. These may be used for designing formative and summative assessment tasks and for assisting with reliable report writing.  They will also assist students to understand where they are in their learning and what to focus upon next.

            Assessment Ladder Template




Evaluate an Argument

Blooms Taxonomy


General Capabilities

General Capability of Critical and Creative Thinking

Reflective Thinking Curriculum


Thinkers Keys